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1:1 Sessions

Are you a woman who feels like they are Rising to your true spiritual path, gifts, and calling? Or maybe you are ready to start living a Holistic Lifestyle and walking your Spiritual Path. Here is where I can help.

Some women experience past issues, grief, and traumas surface and scream to be healed when they are ready to Rise. This may manifest as imbalances in the Mind & Body such as~ depression, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, feeling like you are going crazy, confusion, physical pain and aches, insomnia, increased sensitivity to foods/environments/people and/or other mental and physical issues. During this time of Rising you may feel alone and confused on how to heal these parts of yourself and Rise strong.

As a Holistic Health Counselor my foundation is focused on the body, mind, & spirit. It is all connected and healing must happen on all three levels in order for true healing to occur. This program is spiritually & energetically based to help you uncover your true calling/purpose and ease the transition as you shift into your own Power to Rise.

You will start with an in-depth intake at your first visit. This appointment last between 75-90 minutes so I can get the picture of where you currently are, what your body is saying, and where you want to go on your healing journey. I will then review and research, finding the appropriate recommendations for your specific body. These recommendation may include, but are not limited to~Nutrition and Plant Medicines, Crystals, Mediation, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Guidance. You are a unique Soul and I will treat you as such. Session lengths are 60 minutes in length and vary depending on your needs after your first visit.

Your body is like an onion, it has layers that need to be healed. I will guide you to gently peel back the layers of trauma (all healing is that of trauma) that has happened to you manifesting physically & mentally. Its a dance with your body and the dance is healing.

My ultimate goal is to teach you how to hear what it is you need to care & love yourself Mind, Body, & Soul with the foods you eat, lifestyle changes, and daily spiritual practices.

The journey & work is really up to you. I am here to guide you along the path. Rise woman Rise!

Current Packages: 4 appointments $319
I offer these services on a sliding fee as listed below for intake sessions, which depends on your Annual Income.

Single Follow-Up Appointments are $80 per session.

Annual Income
 Cost of Intake
$65,000 & Up
$50,000 ~ $64,999
$35,000 ~ $49,999
 Below $34,999

To schedule an appointment please call 502-536-7187 or email info@phoenixrisingwellness.net

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