Create, Heal, Dance

The Dance of Chakras- An Expressive Experience

Purpose: This workshop is a series of 7 session meeting weekly to explore the aspects of each of each chakra. For the purpose of this class we will focus on the main 7 energy centers. The workshop is expressive dance, mixed media art, and sound based. I will be connecting Traditional Chinese Medicine organs and meridians into each Chakra. For each class, I will facilitate you through learning about the chakras and providing space for you to look at where you are in and out of balance in each energy center. Then you will be encouraged to explore how you can start to regain your balance in each area of your body, mind, and soul. These classes are designed to be fun and enlightening to help you regain a sense of creativity, expression, and balance back into your life. While I encourage you to do the entire series, feel free to only attend the chakra classes you need. No art making or dance experience needed!

Bio: Amber Worman M.Ed., LPATA, LPCA is an Expressive Art Holistic Health Counselor, owner of Phoenix Rising Wellness, and Former owner of Amber D’s LLC. She is a Certified Reiki practitioner, Fairyologist, Realm Reader, and Herbalist who integrates these aspects into practice.

Cost: $25 for each class. 

Entire series for only $150- 7 classes if paid upfront. Savings of $25, one free class!

Registration required.

Minimum of 3 people signed up in order for class to meet.

Dates: Every Thursday evening from June 21st ~ August 2nd at  6:30pm- 8:00pm


Rainbow Blossom 

3046 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY, 40205

$25 for Single Class

$150 for Series of 7 Classes