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Create, Dance, & Heal


Phoenix Rising Wellness offers these health programs as both an
After School Programs & School Programs that runs during the school day.

Dance E'Motions- Kids

This program designed for 3rd-5th grade students and runs between 9 consecutive weeks at your child's school. Most kids and even some adults struggle to identify and process emotions. Identification and expression of feelings is a vital part of healthy development for all ages. This program will educate your child about their different emotions and what to do with these feelings and energy, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Dance, art, and movement expressions will be taught in order to help them process through their day to day emotions and stress, giving them healthy tools to use at home.

Dance E'Motions- Female Teens

This Program is designed for female identified teens who are in the 7th-8th grade. It will run for 9 consecutive weeks within the school. We live in a challenging time for our teen girls and we can clearly see the effects of them.

These girls may struggle with low confidence, self-doubt, mental health issues, & somatic symptoms. With the lack of ability to identify, express, and process their emotions they may act out with negative behaviors such as: fighting/aggressive, self-harming, sexual acting out, & withdrawing from peers and family.

This program is designed to provide a save place for expression and healing through the arts. Dance, art, and movement expressions will be utilized to help them build body & emotion awareness, communication skills, self-expression, and improve self-confidence.

My focus is to help them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves  & to feel less alone in their struggle. While also teaching them positive tools they can use for the rest of their lives.