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Ear Seeding- Auricular Therapy

Ear Seeding- Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy is wonderful Ancient Medicine in order to help bring the body come back into balance. Acupuncturist use needles to stimulate the meridian points on the ear. In an Ear Seeding Sessions I will use plant seeds instead of needles to create similar effects. This is a safe, gently, and effective healing treatment that is even used on children!

During your Ear Seeding Session I will place the seeds on the meridian points that coincide with the issues you want to work on. These can stay on for up to a week, to provide continuous healing for you.

You are probably curious what types of issues can be treated with Ear Seeding. LOTS! Keep reading!

Some of the issues I treat with Auricular Therapy are:

Back Pain

Knee Pain




Weight Loss


Muscle Tension

Digestive Concerns

Hormonal Imbalances


And much more…

A session is 15 minutes, so your day can keep going. The cost only $15 per session.

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