Create, Heal, Dance

Energetic Wellness Program

Are you ready to be empowered and take control over your health and wellness? Do you want to have a better healthier relationship with food, herbs, and yourself? Then is program is for you!

Food is our medicine, we hear this time and time again, but what does that even mean. I will introduce a unique approach to Nutrition and Wellness where there are no calories or points to count. Instead you will learn to honor and listen to your own bodies needs for health and healing.

I will help you to see food & herbs energetically and to intuitively listen to your body. The focus here is health, healing, and wholeness- Healthy lifestyle & weight loss may be a side effect.

During this program you will experience the following: 

Education about Nutrition and together we will design a program that works for your body and your lifestyle needs. 

Learn about Plant Medicine and Supplement to help you regain balance and healing in your body. 

Discover your soulmate workout and get guidance and suggestions for how to bring movement into your daily life.

Sign up below to get you started on your new path to Wellness, Health, and Healing. This package of 4 sessions will cover each of the 3 highlighted areas above- Education, Learn, and Discover to help you uncover your true self and potential.

Package of 4 sessions $400