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Energy Healing

 I offer these services specifically for women on their spiritual journey. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and can be done in person or long distance. I also offer these services for animals.

Energy Healing is natural, safe, & gently. It is healing on all levels~Mind, Body, & Spirit. During a session, I channel energy for healing from the Divine. I use gentle touch to allow healing life force energy to flow through me as a channel. This can also be done while hovering above if you prefer not to be touched. You will be laying face up on a massage table fully clothed during the time of your session. 

The energy that flows through the channel is spiritually guided life force energy, Qi, Prana, Ki, or whatever language you would like to call it. Its the life force and energy that lives in everything around us. When we get depleted of this due to stress, poor diet/lifestyles, traumas and so on we can feel it! We feel drained, tired, wiped out, off center, &/or sick.

This is where a session can be beneficial by restoring this life force energy from the Divine. During your session time I will also educate you on energy centers, chakras, that are not flowing as they should an other aspects. I will provide you with suggests to further help your healing and correcting these imbalances at home. The healing just starts after you leave the session. Things your life might start changing, for the better when you start doing this work!

Typically, the unpacking of your issues may take more then one session for complete healing of long term issues and patterns. However, you will be able to tell a difference after one session. You didn't get where you are in one day and healing is the same, it takes time, and may come slowly.

During a Energy Healing session some benefits you may experience are:
  • Gently recenter yourself back on you
  • Increased relaxation
  • Increased peacefulness
  • Increased feeling of all over wellness
  • Increased energy/vitality
  • Reduced illness
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety, stress, & depression
  • Reduced physical pains
  • Movement of stuck energy or blocks from your spiritual body
  • Heal patterns stemming from old generational patterns
  • And more!

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Keys to Healing~ Mind, Body, Spirit
60 Minute in person or Distance Energy Healing Sessions are $65

To schedule an appointment please call 502-536-7187 or email info@phoenixrisingwellness.net
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