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Energy Healing

I offer these services specifically for women on their spiritual journey. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and can be done in person or long distance. I also offer these services for animals.

Energy Healing is natural, safe, & gently. It is healing on all levels~Mind, Body, & Spirit. During a session, I channel energy for healing from the Divine.

This is the life force and energy that lives in everything around us. When we get depleted of this due to stress, poor diet/lifestyles, traumas and so on we can feel it! We feel drained, tired, wiped out, off center, &/or sick.

This is where a session can be beneficial by restoring this life force energy from the Divine.

1:1 Sessions

Are you a woman who feels like they are Rising to your true spiritual path, gifts, and calling? Or maybe you are ready to start living a Holistic Lifestyle and walking your Spiritual Path. Here is where I can help.

1:1 Sessions are focused on the body, mind, & spirit. It is all connected and healing must happen on all three levels in order for true healing to occur.

This program is spiritually & energetically based to help you uncover your true calling/purpose and ease the transition as you shift into your own Power to Rise.

I will provide recommendations specifically for you & your journey including, but not limited to~Nutrition and Plant Medicines, Crystals, Mediation, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Guidance. You are a unique Soul and I will treat you as such.

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