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School Programs

Dance E'Motions~ Kids

This School Program is fun, expressive, & educational. I have designed this program specifically for 3rd-5th grade students and it runs between 6-9 consecutive weeks, depending on your child's school location. Its a unique dance program that goes beyond dance alone.

During this time, your child will explore body & emotional awareness through Dance, Movement, Music, & Art expressions. Identification and expression of feelings is a vital part of healthy development for all ages, especially children.

Dance E'Motions~ Teen Girls

This Program is designed for female identified teens who are in the 7th-8th grade. It will run for 9 consecutive weeks within the school. We live in a challenging time for our teen girls and we can clearly see the effects of them.

The struggle is real. Many of today's girls are struggling with low confidence, self-doubt, mental health issues, & somatic symptoms. With the lack of ability to identify, express, and process their emotions they may act out with negative behaviors such as: fighting/aggressive, self-harming, sexual acting out, &/or withdrawing from peers and family.

This program is designed to provide a safe place for them to express and healing through the arts. Dance, music, art, yoga, and movement expressions will be utilized to help them build body & emotion awareness, communication skills, self-expression, and improve self-confidence.