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Teens Expressive Girls Art Group

This group is designed for female identified teens ages 13-18 years old. After reading all the wonderful benefits of Expressive Arts Therapy (check it out here), you can see how a group dynamic setting is healing. 

Benefits of this Expressive Arts Group include developing a strong sense of self-worth and increased emotional awareness and expression. Your teen will learn positive tools they can utilize for the rest of their lives.

In this group your teen will work on issues of social anxiety, depression, and low sense of self-worth. We live in a challenging time for our teen girls. My hopes are for them to empower themselves and to empower each other during Expressive Arts Group Sessions.

The group meets every Wednesday at 6:00pm at the office location. Space is limited. Please contact me via email or phone to get your teen enrolled in this healing group support session.

Cost is $16 for drop in or $89 for all 6 sessions.
Drop in Session $16
6 Sessions $89