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Do you have a teen who struggles to communicate verbally about what is going on with them? Do they shut down when you try to communicate with them about their feelings or what's going on? Does your teen hate or get overly worried or nervous about the idea of going to ‘therapy’? Or perhaps the teen is looking for direction for career and self as they start to enter into emerging adulthood.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my approach can help. I work with teens 12- 18 years old. During 1:1  sessions, the teen can open up and express through different art forms. This takes the pressure off them and allows the art making process to be the focus during sessions. We can also explore areas of interest to give them a start of a foundation to build their lives.

If your your teen is struggling with mild to moderate depression levels, anxiety, anger issues, withdrawing & communication struggles, lack of body & emotional awareness/expression, pent up emotions, sensory struggles, career and school directions/explorations (college/job interest), or dietary struggles weight/health concerns.

I believe the Keys to healing is in treating the Whole Person~ Mind, Body, & Spirit. For real change and healing to occur one must heal all three parts of self. I go beyond diagnosing and look deeper at the person.

Instead of focusing on diagnosing my client with disorders, I look deeper at the whole person. I often see stagnation, negative cognitive beliefs, and imbalances in the hemispheres of the brain. This helps to move the energy in body, express emotions in a healthy way, teach positive coping skills/ tools, and to increase mindfulness.

As a Holistic Health Counselor, I go beyond verbal/language expression and use Expressive Arts & other healing modalities to help the child to tap into their own subconscious and healing to process emotions & stuck energy.

In session, I use expressive & sensory based activities~ dance, music, art, yoga, play, nature and education~ nutrition, mediation, mindfulness, fitness, goal setting, other alternative healing methods, and energy/spiritual healing/education with clients & caregivers.

1:1 sessions are 50-75 minutes in length.

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Keys to Healing~ Mind, Body, & Spirit

For Anthem, Humana, & Cigna private/commercial insurance please call or email below for more information.

Self pay ~ I offer these services on a sliding fee as listed below, this depends on your Annual Income.
I accept cash, check, & credit card.

To schedule an appointment please contact or call.
Annual Income
 Cost per Session
$65,000 & Up
 $50,000 ~ $64,999
 $35,000 ~ $49,999
 Below $34,999
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